**NEW** Somers Lager Available in the Taproom Now

Somers but not as you know it!

Unfortunately, the yeast strain that we used to use for Somers that gave its classic Kolsch style flavour and mouthfeel is being discontinued. Although we could keep producing Somers as it was for another year or so we thought that we would be only delaying the inevitable, therefore we welcome a recipe change to what has been a great beer ever since the first brew over three years ago.

We have sourced a new yeast strain, a true bottom-fermenting lager yeast (Saccharomyces pastorianus) which brings back memories of our original lager 'Pilgrim'. This new strain combined with a combination of German noble hops produces a real 'snappy' lager, highly quaffable with herbal, woody and citrus notes. The grist remains the same, Pilsner malt with additions of Vienna and wheat lends itself to the new additions past the mashing process.

We're super excited and thrilled to welcome 'Somers, Continental Lager' to the range and it's serving in the Taproom now.

Don't panic past Somers fans, we have plenty of 'Somers Kolsch' in bottles to keep you going this Christmas and well into next year - happy drinking!

Somers Kolsch Bottles Availabe Here


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